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Division of Children's Services

The Division of Children's Services was created in early 2018 and encompasses child abuse and neglect, child welfare and juvenile justice systems. This work and mission involves all children and youth that intersect with the judicial system. The Division realizes that the three systems are intertwined, so the primary study is focused on the needs of the child. The Division works with the other West Virginia branches of government to study the system’s glitches and encourage the system’s reforms. This Division houses the Juvenile Justice Commission and the Court Improvement Program (CIP).  

How Can We Help You?

New View

This program is funded through CIP grant funds and provides insight into complex cases wherein children may linger in care. Children eligible must have either a current or previous abuse and neglect case. Cases are reviewed at the request of the circuit court judge presiding over the case.

Continuing Education and Judicial Stakeholder Meetings

Through the CIP and 100% grant funded, training is available on topics related to child welfare. Trainings are free and usually eligible for continuing education credits. We are also able to facilitate localized Judicial Stakeholder meetings where topics of local interest can be discussed. Our focus is specific to child abuse and neglect legal representation and systemic improvement. 

Guardians ad litem

Do you have a question about GALs in your area or are you interested in becoming a GAL in abuse and neglect cases?

Juvenile Abuse and Neglect Information System (JANIS)

JANIS is 100% funded through CIP grant dollars and serves as the court's repository for data on abuse and neglect cases. The
system is also capable of producing petitions, order, and motions for abuse and neglect cases.

Reasonable Efforts and Title IV-E

If you have a question regarding reasonable efforts or TItle IV-E , we are able to assist you and can work with individuals who
prepare orders in your area to ensure they contain the necessary language required.

Out of Home Placements

Contact: or

Project Findings and Reports

The CIP produces many reports on topics related to child abuse and neglect. These reports are 100% grant funded. Each report reflects not only the work of the court, but the combined effort of all child welfare professionals throughout the state, including child protective service workers, prosecuting attorneys, guardians ad litem, defense attorneys, CASA, child advocates, service providers, and others.


Note: The West Virginia Court Improvement Program submits a strategic plan and other required documents to receive the award of grant funds from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. 

For all the above or any other questions, contact or