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Argument Webcast

Argument WebcastThe Court hears oral arguments at specific times scheduled throughout the term. Members of the public have three ways to hear oral arguments before the state's highest court: by attending in person, by listening over the call-in line (304-558-1313)(available only when the Court sits in Charleston), or by watching and listening via this webcast. The webcast has been made available since the September 2001 term of court.

The West Virginia ChannelThe Courts live webcast may also be simulcast on WV Public Broadcasting's The West Virginia Channel, available on television and online. Check the channel schedule for more information on what days and times the simulcast may air.

About the Webcast

Internet streaming technology now allows attorneys, judges, and members of the public outside of Charleston to follow court proceedings, and avoid the user limitations and charges associated with the call-in line. The Webcast is streamed live directly from the courtroom. Proceedings are not archived and copies are not available.

This webcast is best viewed using Windows Media Player, which is available as a free download for a variety of computer systems.

Unable to connect? The webcast does not provide unlimited connections. During periods of heavy demand, some users may not be able to connect to the webcast due to these limitations on the number of connections. Local network demand can also affect your ability to connect. Access by court employees, for example, may often be impaired due to bandwidth used by others in the courthouse. If you experience persistent trouble connecting to the webcast, contact your local network administrator first. If you experience trouble unrelated to network congestion, contact the Clerk's Office at 558-2601 to report the problem.


All of the Court's Argument Dockets are webcast, even when the Court sits outside of Charleston. Check the court calendar for more information regarding argument dates. Because the broadcast is live, the schedule for the webcast follows the Court's schedule while on the bench. On argument days, the proceedings commence at 10:00 am, with Admissions, if any, being taken up first. The Court recesses at approximately 12:00 noon, then re-convenes at 1:30 pm and continues until all arguments have been completed. Argument times for each case vary. The Clerk calls each case to be presented. The webcast will continue as long as the Court is on the bench.

Terms of Use

Pursuant to Revised Rule of Appellate Procedure 42(j): "The live webcast of oral arguments is provided by the Court as a public service and is not intended to provide an official record of proceedings. The webcast may not be rebroadcast in any manner, in whole or in part, without the prior express written permission of the Court."