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Opinions and Memo Decisions of the Supreme Court of Appeals

Current Term Opinion List

Links to all decisions filed in the current term of court are listed in the table below. Are you looking for an opinion list from a prior term of court? If so, please visit the Information & Search page. Opinions from the September 1991 term of court to the present day are available online.

The new integrated decision list combines all of the decisions issued during a court term, identifed using case type and decision type codes. To re-sort the list quickly, click any of the column headers (except case number). For more information about using the decision list and for an explanation of the codes, review the page: About the Decision List.

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Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Current Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Decision Type
Date Filed Case No. Case Name Case Type Decision Type
01/09/2017 16-0810 In Re: C.D. JUV MD
01/09/2017 16-0650 In Re: P.B. JUV MD
01/09/2017 16-0624 In Re: Z.H. and N.H. JUV MD
01/09/2017 16-0364 & 16-0654 In Re: J.P. JUV MD
01/09/2017 16-0278 State of West Virginia v. Londa Mae Hogue CR-F MD
01/09/2017 16-0206 Charles L. Pearcy IV v. Karen Pszczolkowski, Warden CIV-O MD
01/09/2017 16-0126 Deborah A. Phipps v. Lori Nohe, Warden CIV-O MD
01/09/2017 16-0086 State of West Virginia v. Nathaniel Showalter CR-F MD
01/09/2017 15-1117 State of West Virginia v. Joshua McCoy CR-F MD
01/09/2017 15-0849 Jack V. v. Ralph Terry, Warden CIV-O MD
01/09/2017 15-0985 State of West Virginia v. Jackie S. CR-F MD
01/06/2017 16-0414 State of West Virginia v. Humane Society of Raleigh County TCR MD
01/06/2017 16-0292 & 16-0400 &
Mitchell Brozik and MB Security v. Betty Parmer, etc. TCR MD
01/06/2017 16-0204 Stephen Upton v. Municipality of the Town of Flatwoods CR-O MD
01/06/2017 16-0007 State of West Virginia v. Brannon J. Hamilton CR-F MD