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Important Notice about filings in the Supreme CourtLinks to all decisions filed in the current term of court are listed in the table below. Are you looking for an opinion list from a prior term of court? If so, please visit the Information & Search page. Opinions from the September 1991 term of court to the present day are available online.

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January 2015 Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
January 2015 Term of Court Opinions and Memorandum Decisions
Decision Type
Date Filed Case No. Case Name Case Type Decision Type
01/30/2015 14-0686 Thomas I. Palley v. Tucker County Commission CIV-O MD
01/30/2015 14-0564 Walter L. Logan v. Heather M. McSharry TCR MD
01/30/2015 14-0520 Michael F., Mary T. and Joshua Witteried v. International Residential Code Board of Appeals ADM MD
01/30/2015 14-0481 Gregory Dean Miller v. Patrick A. Mirandy, Warden CIV-O MD
01/30/2015 14-0340 James W. v. David Ballard, Warden CIV-O MD
01/30/2015 14-0541 Ulysses Bellamy v. Marvin C. Plumley, Warden CIV-O MD
01/30/2015 14-0491 Robert C. Shrout v. Benita F. Murphy, Chairman, W. Va. Parole Board CIV-O MD
01/30/2015 14-0353 Michael Kostenko, D.O. v. W. Va. Ofc. of the Insurance Commissioner, etc. ADM MD
01/30/2015 14-0352 Michael Kostenko, D.O. v. W. Va. Ofc. of the Insurance Commissioner, etc. ADM MD
01/30/2015 13-0946 Danny S. v. David Ballard, Warden CIV-O MD
01/23/2015 14-0187 Danny M. Brinkley v. Brody Mining WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0186 Susan L. Delp v. Public Defender Corporation WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0184 Joseph A. Cooke v. SWVA, Inc. WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0183 Curtis L. Treadway v. W. Va. Office of Insurance Commissioner/Triple S Corp. WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0182 James P. Bailey v. Alpha Natural Resources WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0148 John D. Greene II v. Rockhouse Creek Development WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0063 Robert L. Parker v. Boggs Roofing WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0062 Thomas A. Hixenbaugh Jr. v. Eastern Associated Coal WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0060 Charles Rollins v. Cliff's Logan County Coal WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0034 Carol Horn v. Cabela's WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0033 Tabatha L. Lester, Widow v. EQT Corporation WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0032 Amy J. Cochran v. Eagle Hospitality WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0030 Michael Denard v. Consolidation Coal Co. WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0003 Glen Steyer v. Alliance Coal WC MD
01/23/2015 14-0002 Clyde Stephenson v. Columbia Gas Transmission WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0263 Lillian C. Vance v. Lowe's Home Centers WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0262 Naioma L. Harbert v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Eagle Glass Specialties WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0238 Anna Efaw v. PPG Industries WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0172 Judy L. Williamson v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Ames Department Stores WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0166 Sandra L. Williams v. Alcan Rolled Products - Ravenswood WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0147 Roy Perry v. Newhall Contracting, Inc. WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0108 Sadie Page, Widow v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Owens-Illinois, Inc. WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0075 David McRoberts v. Pine Ridge Coal Co. WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0074 Angela Perdue v. Go-Mart, Inc. WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0073 Ellen Shapiro v. Kanawha County Board of Education WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0072 Brenda Shaffer, Widow v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/City of Elkins WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0071 David W. Robinson v. EIN Services, LLC - ELF MCP Enterprises WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0070 Esther K. Asbury v. W. Va. Dept. of Health and Human Resources WC MD
01/20/2015 14-0038 Larry Dennis v. McElroy Coal Co. WC MD
01/20/2015 13-0275 Mark Tennant v. North American Services Group WC MD
01/20/2015 13-0087 Tashe Radevski v. Bob Robinson Chevrolet Olds Cadillac, Inc. WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1295 Randy K. Pack v. Jackie Withrow Hospital WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1167 Chadwick Blankenship v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Last Chance Leasing WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1164 Shirley Payne v. Automotive Parts Group WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1162 Anne Davis v. Dolgencorp, LLC WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1156 Glenda J. Lawson v. W. Va. United Health System WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1149 George Wedger v. Homer Laughlin China Co. WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1144 W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner v. Earl Lester Robinson and Apogee Coal WC MD
01/20/2015 13-1023 Brandy L. Addison v. Beckley Oncology Assoc. WC MD
01/20/2015 13-0807 Donald Dillon v. United Parcel Service WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0181 Jeanie Wise v. Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0180 Huntington Alloys Corp. v. William D. Fannin WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0177 Donald Walker Jr. v. City of Madison WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0168 Ruth Bishop, Widow v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Black Horse Mining, etc. WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0386 Magnetech Industrial Services v. Robert R. York WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0234 Ricky Ward v. Arcelormittal USA XMB Princeton Division WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0205 Loyd Adkins v. SWVA, Inc. WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0197 Thomas Charles v. W. Va. Ofc. of Insurance Commissioner/Kamco Transport WC MD
01/15/2015 14-0188 Fred L. Loyd v. Aker Construction WC MD
01/12/2015 13-1230 Jay Lawrence Smith v. Teresa Tarr, W. Va. Judicial Investigation Commission CIV-O MD
01/12/2015 14-0504 In Re: M.L. and B.L. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0501 In Re: M.L. and B.L. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0855 In Re: L.W., S.R. and S.R. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0878 In Re: K.M. and C.W. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0085 State of West Virginia v. Casey Givens CR-F MD
01/12/2015 13-1267 State of West Virginia v. Ricky Johnson CR-F MD
01/12/2015 13-1262 State of West Virginia v. Randy Cleveland CR-F MD
01/12/2015 13-1210 State of West Virginia v. Glen Tucker CR-F MD
01/12/2015 14-0055 Sheri M. Comer v. Elizabeth S. Bloch TCR MD
01/12/2015 14-0800 In Re: A.S. and K.S. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0747 In Re: J.S. JUV MD
01/12/2015 14-0131 Bradley Stephens v. Board of Education of the County of Wayne ADM MD
01/12/2015 13-1108 State of West Virginia v. Michael Pustovarh CR-F MD
01/12/2015 14-0124 John C. v. Karen Pszczolkowski, Warden CIV-O MD
01/09/2015 14-0373 State of West Virginia v. Ordie Rogers, Jr. Concurring Loughry, J. CR-F MD
01/09/2015 13-0751 Randy G. Whetstone v. South Branch Career and Technical Center and W.Va. Dep. of Ed. ADM MD
01/09/2015 14-0198 State of West Virginia v. Benjamin E. Lobb CR-F MD
01/09/2015 14-0259 Jason F. Uhl v. Patricia S. Reed ADM MD