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No. 31316 -  Karen Lockett v. Fayette County Board of Education

McGraw, J., dissenting:

        I respectfully dissent from the majority's decision in this case. Appellant has a master's degree in business education and seven years of prior (non-teaching) business- related work experience. Like the vocational permit teachers with whom she works, she should receive credit for her prior work experience under the uniformity provisions of W.Va. Code §18A-4-5a, and prior Grievance Board decisions. See Miller v. Ohio County Bd. of Educ., Docket No. 15-88-013-3 (May 13, 1988) and Steele v. Wayne County Bd. of Educ., Docket No. 50-87-062-1 (Sept. 29, 1987).

        Accordingly, I respectfully dissent.