Read-Aloud Guidelines

Framework for Starter Questions
 Lettie Albright, Ph.D.
Texas Woman’s University 

       ALWAYS read the material before sharing it with students.

       Practice effective read-aloud habits. 

   Encourage students to respond to the reading and share what they are thinking (See Starter Questions).

Questions for Discussion Prior to the Read-Aloud

What can you tell me about (topic)? 

Who can tell me what a (…) is?  

Has anyone ever (…)?  Tell us about it.

Why do you think I chose this book to read to you?

What do you think this book might be about?

What do you want to find out about (topic/person)?

Questions for Discussion During the Read-Aloud  

Does this remind you of anything you’ve read in your textbook or discussed in class?   How does it relate to that?

What do you think will happen next?

Why do you think they (said/did) that?

What do you notice in this illustration? 

Questions for Discussion After the Read-Aloud

What did you notice in the book? 

What would you tell a good friend about this book? 

What is your favorite illustration?  Why?  

How is this person’s life like yours?  How is it different from yours? 

What do you think might have happened if (…)?

If you could talk to the author, what would you ask him/her (Leal & Moss, 1999)?

How do you think the author researched this book (Leal & Moss, 1999)?

What did you learn from this book that surprised you or you did not know before?

What do you think is the most important information in this book?

How does this relate to what you’ve read in your textbook or discussed in class?