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    Jennifer Bundy

January 15, 2008

   (304) 340 - 2305


Chief Justice Maynard issues statement

      CHARLESTON, W.Va. Ė West Virginia Chief Justice Elliott "Spike" Maynard said today, "I will file a written response promptly to the motion filed yesterday, but first let me say Iíve been a prosecutor, Judge or Justice for more than 30 years and nothing is more important to me than the integrity of the Court.

      "The suggestion I have done something improper is nonsense.

      "Like most judges I donít reward my friends, or punish my enemies from the bench.

      "I have never denied my friendship with Mr. Blankenship. Our friendship has never influenced any decision Iíve made for the Court.

      "Iím going to address the specific allegations separately, but I want to be crystal clear that in the noted trip I paid my own way, paid for my travel expenses, paid my own hotel expenses out of my own pocket. I have receipts and records to prove it."

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