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The Time is Now

The Time is Now Video CoverThe child abuse and neglect court process can be overwhelming for parents. The Time is Now video takes parents through the process under Chapter 49 of the W.Va. Code. It explains how the court system and professionals involved make reasonable efforts to work with parents and reunite families. It emphasizes that time is of the essence, and parents’ rights may be terminated if in their children’s best interests.
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Abuse and Neglect Judicial Benchbook for 2014

West Virginia Judicial Benchbook for Abuse and Neglect Proceedings 2014 (for Windows)
(14 Megabyte.exe file, works with XP, Vista, Windows 7)

West Virginia Judicial Benchbook for Abuse and Neglect Proceedings 2014 (for Mac or Windows)
This version will download a folder, which you can then put anywhere (e.g., Applications, Documents, etc.). Open the PDF to access the Benchbook (Don not remove the PDF from the folder). For easy access, create an alias/shortcut of the PDF and drag it to your desktop or dock.

Guardians ad litem who have completed training for Child Abuse & Neglect Proceedings (by county)

Abuse and Neglect Case Plans:
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