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The Court Improvement Program is committed to providing ongoing training for stakeholders in child abuse and neglect proceedings. Below is a list of upcoming and previously offered trainings and workshops. Please direct any questions to Kandi Greter.

Attorneys interested in being appointed as a child abuse and neglect Guardian ad litem should contact Stacie Mullins.

Please note: Any guardian ad litem appointed pursuant to WV ยง49-4-601(f)(1) must adhere to the requirements of the Rules of Procedure for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings, as well as Rules of Professional Conduct, and any other rules the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals may promulgate. Guardians ad litem must also meet all educational requirements. A guardian ad litem may not be paid for his or her services without meeting the certification and educational requirements of the court.

While trainings are sponsored by the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia, the opinions of the trainers are not necessarily those of the Supreme Court of Appeals or any of its employees.

Poster for September Cross-Trainings

Upcoming Trainings
  • Friday 2/18 2022
    Noon Training The Ethical Representation of Young Children in Abuse and Neglect Proceedings
Past Trainings
  • 1/21/22 Update on the Law with Teresa Lyons

  • 11/12/21 A View from the Bench: Judicial Perspectives in abuse and neglect

  • 10/19/21 Dr. Jay Miller

  • 10/8/21 Domestic Violence in Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

  • 9/28/21 Unique Needs of Transgender Kids in Care

  • 9/14/21 Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth

  • 9/10/21 Indian Child Welfare Act

  • 8/20/21 Filing an appeal in a Child Abuse and Neglect Case with Edyie Gaiser, Clerk Supreme Court of Appeals of W.Va

  • 7/27/21 One Child One Plan Aetna Lunch and Learn

  • 7/22/21 Lunch and Learn with Judge Cohee and Judge Courrier Reasonable Efforts

  • 7/14/21 CIP Kinship care with Judge Williams

  • 7/9/21 Lunch and Learn Representing the Parents

  • 6/11/21 Sibling Trauma with Bob Noone

  • 5/14/21 Domestic Violence in Abuse and Neglect Proceedings with Honorable Cindy Scott and Staff Members of WV Coalition

  • 4/30/21 Session 3: Disposition and Permanency

  • 4/16/21 Session 2: Adjudication and Improvement Periods

  • 4/09/21 Wellness: Techniques for Handling Secondary Trauma with Whitney Ingram and Judge Bridget Cohee

  • 4/01/21 Session 1: Investigations/Definitions/Federal Requirements

  • 3/12/21 Transitioning Youth with Cathy Wallace and Bob Noone

  • 2/12/21 An Introduction to Family Treatment Court

  • 1/8/21 Panel Discussion: Judicial Expectations for the Disposition Hearing and Permanency Planning