West Virginia Judiciary



Supreme Court Statistics

Supreme Court Caseload information is produced by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office and is contained in annual caseload reports.

Lower Court Statistics

The Administrative Office’s Division of Court Services has a Statistics Section that manages data collection for the court system. Analysts provide technical assistance to county and court personnel to implement data collection projects and improve reporting on existing projects. The data collected is used for case management, legislative reporting, federal reporting, educational data requests, media requests, and administrative functions.

For Circuit Court, Family Court and Magistrate Court data since 2009, click here to view the data on the publications page of this site.

Business Court data is available in the Business Court Division’s annual reports, by clicking here and going to the Business Court page of this site.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reports

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia Administrative Office has a nationally recognized database to collect information on the timeliness of events within child abuse and neglect cases.

The report is organized by judge, but the data reflects the work of all professionals involved in child abuse and neglect proceedings, including child protective service workers, attorneys, guardians ad litem, child advocates, and others. To see the reports, click here to be directed to the Child Abuse and Neglect section of this site.