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Mental Hygiene Adult Guardianship/Conservators

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Mental Hygiene Adult Guardianship/Conservators Forms

REVISED Forms are indicated below. Destroy old forms in your  possession and replace with REVISED Forms below.

Mental Hygiene Adult Guardianship Conservatorship Forms
Form No. Description of Form Signatory
GC 1 Petition for the Appointment of a Conservator/Guardian [REVISED significantly to collect additional information] Petitioner
GC 2 Motion for Leave to File Petition without Evaluation Report Petitioner
GC 4 Evaluation Report of Licensed Physician or Psychologist [REVISED significantly to collect expert opinion and other information] Physician or Psychologist
GC 5 Affidavit of Physician Certifying Protected Person Cannot Attend Physician
GC 6 Statement of Financial Resources (Summary Form) Petitioner
GC 8A Request for Approval of Appointed Attorney Hourly Rate and Fee for Representation of Non-Indigent Protected Person Appointed Counsel
GC 11 Affidavit Certifying Completion of Mandated Education Conservator/Guardian; Notary
GC 14 Oath of Appointment Any Authorized Official
GC 15 Designation of Resident Agent Any Authorized Official
GC 18 Cash Bond Form and/or Corporate Surety (Insurance Company) Bond Form for Conservator/Guardian [REVISED content to combine previous forms 909 C, S, and O] Conservator or Guardian and Insurance Rep.
GC 19 Petition by Conservator/Guardian for Permission to Resign Conservator or Guardian
GC 21 Petition for Removal of a Conservator or Guardian Petitioner
GC 23 Petition for Termination, Revocation or Modification of the Appointment of a Conservator or Guardian Petitioner
GC 30 Accounting of Conservator (Initial and Annual) Conservator
GC 31 Periodic Report of Guardian (Initial and Annual) Guardian
GC 32 Inventory of Conservator for Initial and any Amended Inventory Conservator
GC 34 Order Approving Payment By Supreme Court: Appointed Attorney Fee and Expense Circuit Judge
GC 35 Guardianship/Conservatorship Services: Appointed Attorney Voucher and Expense Statement Appointed Attorney
GC 35 OLD Guardianship/Conservatorship Services: Appointed Attorney Voucher and Expense Statement (Rates prior to October 1, 2019) Appointed Attorney
GC 36 Petition for Approval of Compensation for the Guardian/Conservator Guardian or Conservator
GC 40 Petition for Permission to sell or Mortgage Real Estate of a Protected Person Guardian or Conservator