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Juvenile Drug Court Staffing


Juvenile Drug Court Staffing

Per West Virginia Code ยง49-4-703, A Juvenile Drug Court (JDC) is presided over by a current or senior status circuit judge or family court judge. Each presiding judge is approved by the chief circuit judge and is appointed by the Chief Justice in an Administrative Order of Appointment.

The Division of Probation works with the executive branch Bureau of Juvenile Services, within DOC-R, to serve youths in juvenile drug court programs. Appropriately trained and licensed psychologists/counselors/therapists conduct all assessments, treatment planning, treatment implementation, referral to services, and aftercare services. They also serve on the treatment and planning and evaluation teams.

Every juvenile drug court must have a treatment team. The treatment team is the JDC supervising committee for admission and treatment matters for JDC participants. The purpose of the juvenile drug court treatment team is to tailor interventions and supervision to the complex and varied needs of program participants and their families.

Every juvenile drug court maintains a multi-disciplinary planning and evaluation team. This team serves as a voluntary committee and does not receive compensation for participation. The purpose is to strengthen interagency linkages, to work on overall program improvement efforts, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between the JDC and the community it serves.