West Virginia Judiciary

CourtPLUS Initiative | Trial Court Rule


Electronic filing in the CourtPLUS Inititaitve is governed by Trial Court Rule 15A, which is set out below.

  1. Electronic Filing and Service of Circuit and Family Court Actions (excluding Mass Litigation)
    1. Application
    2. Definitions
    3. Purpose
    4. Selection of Cases
    5. Integration with Other Rules
    6. Becoming an Authorized User; User Identities; Payment of Fees
    7. User Responsibility to Maintain Up-to-Date Information
    8. User Responsibility for Security
    9. User Responsibility for Compliance with Rules
    10. Use of User Identity by Others
    11. Signatures
    12. Authenticity
    13. Preservation of Originals
    14. Form of Document
    15. Title and Description of Document
    16. E-Filing Receipts; Effect of E-Filing; Date and Time of E-Filing
    17. Complaint and Summons
    18. Electronic Service
    19. Certificates of Service
    20. Exceptions to Electronic Service
    21. Service to Parties who are not User of the E-Filing System
    22. Unavailability of E-Filing System
    23. Filing of Sealed Documents
    24. Private Information
    25. Entry of Orders and Judgements; Notice thereof
    26. Public Access to Court Records