West Virginia Judiciary

Circuit/Family Courts E-File

About Electronic Filing in West Virginia’s Circuit and Family Courts


West Virginia Circuit and Family Courts E-File is a web-based application designed to enable registered users to file and receive service copies of court documents electronically. West Virginia Circuit and Family Courts E-File is available to the following user types:

All e-filed orders, entered by a circuit or family court judge, receive an alpha-numeric reference code. The reference code is available on the first page of the e-filed order in the stamp on the top left corner. This reference code can be entered in the Verify an Order tool to authenticate valid e-filed orders. Click on the Verify an Order button or use the link below to access this tool.

Case Management System

West Virginia Circuit and Family Courts utilize CourtPLUS, a web-based unified case management system, to process electronic filings. CourtPLUS is used by the offices of judges, circuit clerks, and other court-approved staff to act on and/or review court documents.

Links and Resources

E-File sign-on page:https://efile.courtswva.com
        * Username = Email Address
E-File Rules:http://www.courtswv.gov/e-file/rules.html
E-File Training Resources: http://www.courtswv.gov/e-file/guides.html
E-File Active County Status Map: http://www.courtswv.gov/e-file/status.html
E-File Verify an Order: https://efile.courtswva.com/ViewOrder.aspx


E-File technical support questions can be directed to WV E-File Support by emailing the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia’s IT Service Desk at servicedesk@courtswv.gov. Process and/or procedural questions are not technical support questions and should be directed to the judge, circuit clerk, court rules, and/or state code.