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Court Security - Incident Report

Bomb Threats and Personal Threats Received by Telephone

Many bomb threats and other types of threats are made against individuals. Others allege that bombs have been planted in facilities. Most threats are made by telephone.

It is an unnerving experience for anyone to receive a telephoned threat, but there are ways to minimize personal fear and still concentrate on gathering helpful information for law enforcement personnel to identify the person making the threat.

The first step is to realize that any court employee could receive such a call. The second step is to be aware that careful procedures have been developed to counter such threats and to arrest and convict the callers.

The Court provides two forms to keep on hand for noting important information and asking the right questions if you receive a threat by telephone. One is for bomb threats, and the other is for personal threats.

Letter and Package Bombs

Here are some things to look for to recognize possible letter and parcel bombs. They may have

If you see a suspicious object, call security at once. Never touch or disturb a suspicious package or object.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Arthur G. Angus
Director of Supreme Court Security
(304) 541-5156

Jess W. Gundy
Deputy Director of Supreme Court Security
(304) 561-8189

Donnie Frye
Deputy Director of Supreme Court Security

Harold E. Dailey

Deputy Supreme Court Marshal

Office: State Capitol Building, Room E-312
Court Security Office: (304) 558-1911
State Capitol Protective Services: (304) 558-9911
Governor's State Police Security: (304) 558-0514
911 Center: 911

Evacuation of Court Facility

Learn about the evacuation procedures for your building, and carefully follow instructions during a fire, bomb threat, or other emergency.

If ordered to leave your work area, evacuate your floor at once. Don’t wait to see if anything is going to happen.

To prepare yourself for an emergency