West Virginia Judiciary

Administrative Office of the Courts

Office of the Administrative Director

The Administrative Office of the Courts provides support to the Supreme Court of Appeals and the entire state court system. The director, as provided in the Constitution, is appointed by the Supreme Court and oversees the Administrative Office of the Courts. Except as otherwise provided, all divisions of the Administrative Office report to the Administrative Director.

Administrative Counsel

The Administrative Counsel provides legal counsel to the Administrative Director.

Division of Administrative Services

The Division of Administrative Services oversees facility maintenance, inventory and surplus, recording and court reporting support.

Division of Children's Services

The Division of Children’s Services assists with the Court’s initiatives to improve outcomes for children and families involved in child abuse and neglect and youth services cases, including the Court Improvement Program.

Division of Circuit Clerk Services

The Division is a liaison to circuit clerks, provides jury management services, and oversees the E-Filing Pilot project.

Division of Court Services

The Division of Court Services oversees numerous projects to improve the court system and manages all grants awarded to West Virginia courts.

Division of Family Court Services

The Division of Family Court Services provides training and support services to family courts, their judges and staff.

Division of Financial Management

The Division of Financial Management oversees all financial matters including budgeting, purchasing card administration, accounts payable, and travel reimbursements.

Division of Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources oversees all personnel issues, payroll processing and employee benefits.

Division of Education, Training and Access to Justice

The Division of Education, Training and Access to Justice oversees and provides training programs for all judicial officers and court staff, mandatory and continuing judicial legal education credits, college/graduate school education benefits for court staff, and general conference information. It also works to provide access for all in the court system through language access and sign language interprers.

Division of Magistrate Court Services

The Division of Magistrate Court Services provides administrative support for magistrate courts, their magistrates, clerks and assistants.

Division of Mental Hygiene Court Services

The Division of Mental Hygiene Court Services oversees involuntary commitment and guardianship/conservatorship.

Division of Probation Services

The Division of Probation Services deals with policy development, provides general oversight of circuit court probation services, and administers Interstate Compact for Juveniles; oversees the Adult and Juvenile Drug Court programs.

Division of Technology Services

The Division of Technology Services oversees all aspects of the Court’s applications, information systems, networking, e-mail, hardware, and software. The division also provides operations services support through the IT Service Desk.

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office issues press releases, answers media inquiries, and produces publications for the Judicial Branch of West Virginia government; oversees Supreme Court website, coordinates the judicial civic education programs.

Mass Litigation Panel

The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia has adopted a process for efficiently managing and resolving mass litigation that includes the establishment of a Mass Litigation Panel. The procedure for referral of cases to the Mass Litigation Panel is set forth in West Virginia Trial Court Rule 26. The Mass Litigation Panel consists of seven active or senior status circuit court judges appointed by the Chief Justice, with the approval of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The Panel is supported by a Mass Litigation Manager who provides legal counsel to the Panel, and is a liaison between the Panel and attorneys, circuit court clerks, other judicial personnel and the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. The Panel is also supported by an Administrative Assistant.

Juvenile Justice Commission

The Commission is committed to a juvenile justice system that promotes rehabilitative interventions for children involved in delinquent behavior. The Commission also examines facilities, programs, and processes to ensure that the system is providing interventions and advocating for children at the earliest stage of juvenile delinquency.